Thursday, June 18, 2015

David Blatt Deserved More Respect Then He Got

David Blatt was excited to be the Cleveland Cavaliers coach, but after one season he may have second thoughts about it. Blatt had a great resume of accomplishments in foreign countries, but doing it in the United States is much different. Blatt found out when you get to the states the pressure is very intense to deliver a winner to a franchise that has never won one. Cleveland is starved for a winner and when that happens many times people will show you no respect. Blatt has learned that first hand from his first full season in the NBA.

Everyone from the outside had this impression that David Blatt was running the team, but over the season we could see that was not the case at all. Lebron James was making more decisions as the season went along and you just cannot have that happen. Blatt became a lame duck coach. Players at the end were tuning him out and you had to feel sorry for the guy. No matter what decision he made the media jumped all over him about it. Coaching Lebron James is never easy, but knowing he has the authority to change things and overrule the coach had to hurt Blatt.

Where does this leave David Blatt? Well the truth is that is a good question. Blatt in my opinion will not be around long. Cleveland does everything to make Lebron James happy, so look for a new coach in the near future. I just cannot see Blatt playing second fiddle to Lebron James for a very long time. One of the main reasons is Blatt will never get the respect and credit he deserves and that is a shame. People have been piling it on Blatt for no real good reason.

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