Saturday, June 20, 2015

MLB Baseball Wipe Out Some Royals Fans Ballots As Too Excessive

It seems the Kansas City Royals fans know how to vote and vote very well. Kansas City fans voted enough to have around seven possible starters for the mid-season classic. MLB did not find alot in humor in what the fans were trying to do. MLB voided some millions of fans votes. You are allowed to vote up to 35 times, but according to Major League Baseball some people were way over that amount so some votes were voided. You cannot blame Major League Baseball as they are just doing the right thing. No one city should dominate the voting that way.

Fans come to the all-star game to watch a variety of players and no team should dominate the lineup. I do  agree with Major League Baseball on you just can't let the voting  be rigged. There has to be a point where you have to stop it. Should MLB take away the voting from the fans? Many people are voicing that is what should happen.

I think that we need to put some kind of rules in about voting for the fans. I do not know how to do it but we cannot have voting rigged for this event. Players should be chosen on a certain formula not just who gets the most votes from the fans. Hopefully, after what has happened in this years voting some changes must be made. I hope they do not take it away from the fan's as in my opinion that would not be fair.

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