Monday, June 22, 2015

Pete Rose Waves Goodbye To Hall Of Fame As His Betting As A Player Surfaces

Pete Rose had hoped for a chance to make the Hall Of Fame, but it looks like that will never happen anytime soon. Outside The Lines has unearthed a notebook which shows Pete Rose bet on baseball games as a player. This is really disappointing news for many fans whom had hoped Rose was going to be able to make the Hall Of Fame before he died. Now he will never get in and the only person Rose can blame is himself for it. He holds the all-time hits record and it's sad to know he will never make it in.

For  Rose he has always denied betting on baseball as a player, but it looks like there is evidence to the contrary. Hopefully, the story is not true, but it does not look good for Rose. It's a shame it has come down to this, but it looks like that is where we are at with Pete Rose. Lying throughout his career since retirement is something Pete will be known for and that is a shame. Pete's legacy will be nothing but lies and it should not have been that way at all. We will have too see how this all plays out, but hopefully this story is just not true, but not looking good right now.

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