Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Should Pete Rose And Others Be In The Hall Of Fame?

I just read an very interesting article from Jayson Stark who is one of my favorite writers about why Pete Rose should be in the Hall Of Fame. He makes some good points and I tend to agree with him. Where do we draw the line in the sand. Can we really have a true Hall Of Fame and not have Baseball's all time hit leader not in it. Other players such as Barry Bonds should also be included in the Hall Of Fame. Stark made a good point about putting something on the plaque about how they cheated the game as well would serve a purpose.

Yes, Pete Rose did lie and so did Bonds, but we need to look past that and look at the accomplishments. We cannot keep these players out forever. Yes, they cheated the game, but put up some impressive numbers. Rose probably will never get into the Hall Of Fame and that is a shame. We need to look past what he did and count his accomplishments more. As long as his plaque reads he lie and gambled on baseball what is the harm putting that on it. At least we will have the pea ce of mine we have one of the best players to play the game of baseball.

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