Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is This The Right Move For Braxton Miller And The Buckeyes?

By now everyone knows that the Ohio State Buckeyes will probably be moving Braxton Miller to HB/wideout this coming season. Many people feel this is a good move for the Buckeyes and Miller. I am not so sure about that one. There are many different things I do not like about the move, and some I do like. Let us look deeper into this and see what the right move is for Braxton Miller and The Buckeyes.

Now this will give the Buckeyes a chance to add another offensive weapon to there already talented offense. Many people think that is a good thing. In one way it is and another way it is not. This gives Miller a chance at another injury which you really do not want to see. Yes, Ohio State has plenty of quarterbacks, but you never are guarantee they will play like they did last season. Miller should benefit from the change in the sense his draft stock should rise if he does well. It could also fall if he gets injured or struggles in his new role.

In the end, I just think you are risking too much and losing him for all year is not what you want to do. If you limit his playing time that is an option, but wont make him happy. Either way you go there are pluses and minuses. I'm glad I'm not making this call on this young man's future.

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