Saturday, October 31, 2015

J.T. Barrett Gets Arrested For Operating Motor Vehice While Intoxicated They Never Learn

It seems people never learn as J.T. Barrett was named starting quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, but that was not enough it seems. Barrett was arrested for operating motor vehicle intoxicated and that was not good thing. Players never learn that you cannot skirt the law. Eventually you will get caught and he did. He was released to fellow quarterback Cardale Jones.

Barrett was suspended for at least one game and it could be two games depending on what Urban Meyer and AD Gene Smith decide to do. Players have to start making better decisions and that includes Barrett. This is his second strike and if he continues to go down this path I don't know how many more chances h is going to get.

The public is getting tired of college and pro players screwing up all the time. Yes, college players tend to do it rarely, but when you are in the limelight you cannot make mistakes like this one. Barrett needs to learn from his mistakes and make much better decisions in the near future. If h does not he could find himself struggling to get to the next level that's for sure.

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