J.T. Barrett WasThe Logical Choice But Is It The Right One

Urban Meyer decided to go win J.T. Barrett and it has already paid dividends, but was it the right choice for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Barrett played well against Rutgers and he silenced the critics for at least another week. As long as the Buckeyes continue to win with Barrett at the helm not much will be said about it. Toss in just one bad game and then you will have the same questions on whom should be quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I do like J.T. Barrett a lot, but the reality in my opinion he is not the best quarterback on the team. I think Braxton Miller is much better at quarterback. The problem with putting the quarterback back at the helm is the Buckeyes reply need him at wide receiver. Miller gives the Buckeyes the best chance to win another National Championship. I do think Barrett or Jones can help them as well, but talent wise Miller is the best of the three.

Miller will probably not play quarterback again as it will hurt his chances to make the NFL Draft. Look for Miller to concentrate on wide receiver this season. I still think he gives the Buckeyes the best chance.

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