Monday, October 19, 2015

Same Ole Browns Just Different Year

Every year there is optimism in the air in Cleveland only to have the same ole Browns to appear and that s what happen this past Sunday. Browns fans love there team, but how much can they take without snapping. Against the Denver Broncos they showed they have the talent to play with a good team, but not the resolve to beat a team like the Broncos.

Josh McCown has come in and played well so far this season. He has done everything he can to help them win, but simple mistakes are killing the Cleveland Browns. McCown has thrown interceptions at times when he should have just thrown it away. The Browns run defense has to be the worst in the NFL and every week teams exploit it.

Unless some things change Browns fans will be crying once again wait until next year. This season is just a make over of the same ole Browns and I am getting tired of seeing that myself and I am not a Browns fan. I can imagine how hard this is on a die hard Browns fans.

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