Sunday, November 1, 2015

Three Takeaways From Nebraska's Ugly Loss In Purdue

After watching another Nebraska debacle there are several things that came to the forefront. One of the things that many fans gripe about is how the Cornhuskers have played in recent years and I will tend to agree with them. I try to not to be to critical about the football team, but this team really is not very good at all. There are three takeaways I took watching Nebraska playing at Purdue yesterday, so let's take a look at them right now.

1. Nebraska's defense is bad to the point it's laughable. When you miss assignments all the time and when you have seven guys tackling a ball carrier and he busts through that many guys you have real issues. The tackling is horrible and it seems like they have no discipline at all hen they play. Game after game they give up huge chunks of yardage and you will never win on a consistent basis that way.

2. Nebraska has become to predictable on offense. Years ago the Cornhuskers were predictable on offense as well, but they could run the ball and teams struggle to do that. Today's team has become so bad it has no identity at all. Nebraska struggles to run the ball and the passing game at times is ineffective. There are times the quarterback does have great games and it is because the defense for Nebraska gives up so many points. Until there is more consistency on offense they will struggle to win games.

3. Coaching, coaching, coaching is also a problem. Bo Perini basically had the same group and got nine wins, but Riley won't come close to that this season. Yes, Riley has a new system put in place and he is becoming familiar with what the players can do. He also has had some bad luck as well along with some key injuries in games. I will give him a pass on this year, but a vast improvement must be made into his second season or he needs to be fired. Nebraska football has a proud tradition, but right now I don't see any of that on the field.

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