Saturday, January 7, 2017

Can Clemson Stop The Alabama Runaway Freight Train?

Once again we have Clemson vs Alabama for College Football's biggest prize. Alabama was able to get the win last year in a high scoring game. This year's game should be just game should be just as interesting. Both teams have dominating defenses which have help carry them to this title game. Which team will come out on top this time around?

This time around we may see a different outcome or will we. Clemson can score points with the best of them and  can shut other teams down as well. Can Clemson find a way to beat Alabama this time around? I think they can, but they may need some help along the way. Getting a few turnovers will make it much easier for the Tigers.

Alabama is going to do the same things they have all year long and that is limit mistakes and rely on the country's No.1 defense to help seal a second straight National Championship. I think Alabama will find this game much tougher then last season. It's time for the prediction on who we see winning it all.

I really love Clemson and what they have done this season. Shutting out Ohio State is something that does not happen often. They are on a roll right now, but I just do not see a different result this season. Alabama is better on defense and defense win's championships. Alabama wins another closer one 28-27.

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