Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ohio State Should Not Have Been In College Football Playoffs

No matter what excuse Ohio State fans may want to give themselves for the playoff loss they did not deserve to be in the college football playoffs. Clemson dominated them from start to finish and no one can dispute that one bit. Yes, the Buckeyes are young, but there was some veteran players on the roster as well. Penn State in my opinion was more deserving then the Buckeyes as they did play against one of the hottest teams in USC.

 The playoff committee needs to look deeper when they decide on who is in and who is out. Instead of looking at television ratings and the name pick the team that is hot, but also look at whom they have beaten and when it took place. Take the Buckeyes they beat an Oklahoma team that was not really playing well compared to the end of the season. These are important when making decisions about a team. Take USC as well they struggled early, but was a tough team to beat down the stretch. Ohio State was not even their conference champion, so that should have held a lot of wait with the committee, but apparently it didn't.

The committee did get Alabama and Clemson right, but most of us could have done that ourselves. Ohio State was not the fourth best team in country and we all see that, so hopefully the committee was watching and squirming in their seats.

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