Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Carmelo Anthony Getting A Raw Deal From The Knicks

Carmelo Anthony is a player that many people have various opinions on and how he hurts and helps a basketball team. Right now he plays for the New York Knicks, but they want to move him, but as of right now he still is a Knick. In my opinion Carmelo Anthony is getting a raw deal from the Knicks management including Phil Jackson. Let's look at why this could backfire in the Knicks face if they continue to go down this path.

The one thing the Knicks do not realize is Anthony wants to stay in New York and help turn the franchise around. There are not alot of players who want to do that in this city. The Knicks have struggled recently and they feel moving Anthony will make rebuilding alot eaiser, but the opposite will happen. One of the main reasons I say that is because players see how they are treating Melo. This means trying to lure free agents to the city will be much tougher.

Is Carmelo Anthony the best player around? No, but he is not a bad player and a good piece to build around. You get leaderships and a guy who will give you 20 ppg on average. He has not been injured very often and he wants to win. Why would you want to trade a player like that away. I guess he has rubbed some people in the Knicks organization the wrong way. Losing Melo will hurt the Knicks more then they think. Hopefully, the New York Knicks will rethink how they are handling this and change there attitude towards him before its too late.

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