Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Can The Cavaliers Hold On To Lebron James?

I know many Cleveland fans may not want to hear this, but there is a chance King James could bolt once again. This time the Cavaliers can blame the owner Dan Gilbert for this one. I have noticed that James has been very quiet about what is going on in the organization right now. I think right now there are several things that he does not like or has happened, but has mostly kept quiet about it. Let’s look at a couple of these things right now.

King James is all about loyalty and he liked David Griffin the former GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m not here to say they were best friends, but they had a mutual respect for each other. Griff was a guy that Lebron James trusted and had a good working relationship it seems. When he quit James got on Twitter and sent him a tweet which says alot.

The second domino was the Chauncey Billups debacle as GM for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Billups was a guy that James respected and wanted in the Cavs organization. Dan Gilbert low balled him on the contract offer, so that cannot sit well with King James either.

Loyalty means alot to James just look at the James Jones story. We all know Jones is past his prime, but a guy James has been loyal to through the years. Loyalty plays a big part for James and this could sway his decision to leave the Cavaliers in the future. Right now James is a Cavalier, but for how long we really wont know until next summer when James can become a free agent again.

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