Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dallas Cowboys Lose More Then Just A Player In Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys found out this week they will be without their start running back Ezekiel Elliott for at least six games. This is a huge blow to the Dallas Cowboys playoff aspirations. Elliott was suspended six games for breaking the conduct policy which includes domestic violence. The punishment for a domestic violence infraction is six games. Now Elliott said he will appeal the verdict and this could go many different ways. It's possible in the end it could end up in the courtroom. Would the NFL reduce the suspension that is something that is also possible.

What does this men for the Dallas Cowboys? Yes, the season will go on, but the Cowboys lose one of their best players on the offensive side of the ball. Elliott is valuable in a number of ways that cannot be judged. He helps keep the Cowboys defense off the field by moving the chains and controlling the ball. The Cowboys defense is one of the worse in the NFL and Elliott helps them get less snaps on defense meaning they are fresher when the fourth quarter arrives.

This means with Elliott suspended the defense will have to be on the field more often. That is something that does not bode well for the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, Elliott will be missed, but he has no one to blame but himself. The NFL takes a hard look at domestic violence these days. Even if you are not charged with a crime they will still suspend you. If you do not believe me ask Ezekiel Elliott he is living proof of it.

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