Monday, November 27, 2017

Big Plans For Josh Gordon In His First Game Back?

When your team is 0-11 and have not really done much this season you will try anything to get that first win. Josh Gordon will be activated for the game his first since 2014. Hue Jackson has big plans for his wideout, but I would not expect much from him in his first game back. It is a lot different than practice and he has not really played in three years. No matter how good you happen to be it takes time to get back into the swing of thing. Will Joh Gordon help the Browns? The quick answer is yes, but not as much as people think.

If Gordon comes out and plays good teams will double team him because the reality is the Browns do not have anyone else of his caliber that is consistent. Until they get that Gordon will be limited in what he can do. The other big thing is how will he work with Deshon Kizer in the game. Practice is one thing, but in the game is another type of animal.

Getting Josh Gordon back helps the Cleveland Browns in the long term, but it does not guarantee any wins. If Browns fans think Josh Gordon is the savior they are sadly mistaken. The one thing he does bring is a player Kizer can count on catching the ball if he can stay clean and on the field of play. Let's hope that Gordon stays clean and can be a productive wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns for years to come.

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