Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nebraska Fire Riley But That Won't Stop Freefall

The Nebraska Cornhuskers parted ways with Coach Mike Riley after a dismal season yesterday. Firing him was a fore gone conclusion, but no matter who they bring in its a long climb up. Scott Frost is the guys Nebraska's faithful want to see, but that might not happen. Personally I do not want to see him get the job. Even though he has done a great job in Florida the competition level is much different then the Big Ten,

One of the biggest problems is getting top tier talent to Nebraska no matter whom the coach happens to be. The reality is Nebraska is no longer a destination for elite players and that is a shame. The Ohio States, Alabama, and Clemson get these players now. A big name coach and recruiter is what is needed. The problem is Nebrasska has never really been able to lure top coaching talent. This is why they are in the mess they are right now.

There are no easy answers right now for Nebraska. Getting the right coach is the first step to the rebuilding process. Finding him is going to be tough as other college teams have zeroed in our there coaches already. That's the one thing I hate about Nebraska they are always so slow to make changes or work on getting what they need. I'm sure this new hire will be the same way.

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