Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Has Become A Sham

Years ago the Baseball Hall Of Fame was created to reward the best players in baseball. Now the concept seemed great, but over the years it just has not worked out  that way. Players that should be there are still waiting on the call, and some never get it. There have been cases of players dying and not being able to enjoy the reward.

Just like anything else politics has played a role in this as well. Lowering the time a player is on a ballot is not a good thing if they do not get a  certain percentage. Then you have guys that are on the borderline of consideration like Kenny Lofton and the Crime Dog Fred McGriff. Now I am not here to say both should be there, but what do we do with players like this and what they contributed. Should we say your not good enough or you just do not measure up even though both players made big contributions to their respective teams.

I really do not know what the answer it, but right now the Baseball Hall Of Fame and the voting process needs overhauled. Too many good players are getting overlooked or waiting to long to get it and that is a sham as well.

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