Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Is Lebron James Hurting His Legacy In Cleveland?

For the longest time everyone though Lebron James legacy was cemented in time, but this season it has taken a hit. I use to think King James always gave max effort, but lately that has not been the case. At times James has seem disinterested in games, and even his teammates no longer listen to him. James wants out of Cleveland, but won't waive his no trade clause. If he did that he could be shipped somewhere where he does not want to go.

James right now is not on friendly terms with the owner and front office personnel, that means it could get a lot uglier for the Cavaliers. I do not think this relationship can be repaired. James is going to leave Cleveland and it seems not on good terms either. It will be interesting to see if James can get his teammates to play as a team again. If not I could see this team not making the playoffs. No matter how great James is he is only one guy he cannot do it all.

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