Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Are The Murals Of Lakers And King James Being Targeted

I bet not to many people thought when King James headed to the Lakers murals would be targeted and destroyed. For me I was kinda of shocked as well. I knew King James was a polarizing figure, but did not think murals would be a target of people who had a grudge against King James. Why is this happening. I don’t really have an answer just some theories like everyone else.

Many people think that is surrounds Kobe Bryant and other Laker legends. This is a plausible answer to the problem. Kobe Bryant is still hugely popular and many people feel he is trying to replace him in their eyes. James just wants to be the best player he can be, but others think he is trying to steal Bryant’s spotlight. Hopefully, it’s not the reason we have vandalism on Lakers murals.

The reason I am going with is Lebron James has plenty of haters in the world as well. Probably just as many people hate him as love him. It comes with the territory and James understand this better then anyone. I think once basketball season starts the vandalism should slow down or stop altogether. I am not a big King James fan, but do not condone vandalism as some of these murals are beautiful works of art.

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