Sunday, September 9, 2018

Browns And Steelers Battle To Ugly Tie 21-21

When the Steelers came to Cleveland to open the season I was hoping for a very good game to watch. Cleveland had added a lot of new pieces to their team, but what we see from both teams was pretty ugly. Both teams battled to a 21-21 overtime tie and have multiple issues that both teams will need to address.

Cleveland's defense was very good and Myles Garrett was a beast on the edge. Pittsburgh at times had trouble controlling him. The Browns defense was able to come up with turnovers to help the offense out, but Cleveland struggled on offense for most of the game and have issues that will need to be fixed. The running game was good, but the passing attack definitely needs work. Tyrod Taylor was just 15/40 for 197 yards and one interception. This was only the first game, so there is plenty of time to fix the issues on offense.

Pittsburgh's defense surprised me with their play in this game, The front four was great and harassed Tyrod Taylor all game long. The defense on the back end for the Steelers was also very good which was a shock. I was told they were not very good, but that was not the case at all. On offense, the Steelers did not look well. Antonio Bryant was held in check for the most part and Big Ben threw three interceptions.

Overall this was such an ugly game for both teams. Neither team could get things going consistently for any long stretches. A tie hopefully will not hurt either team towards the end of the season. At least both teams can build on this and hopefully this kind of football won't happen again anytime soon.

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