Sunday, September 9, 2018

Steelers vs Browns Who Wins The Opener?

The new look Cleveland Browns finally get to take the field today and remove the sour taste of a 0-16 season from their mouths and bodies. The problem is they will be facing one of the better teams in the NFL in the Pittsburgh Steelers who have a lot to play for themselves in this game. Let's take a closer look at the game and give our bold prediction on this game.

Let's take a look at the offenses of both teams:

Cleveland's offense is so much better this opener than last year. Cleveland signed Tyrod Taylor and have No.1 pick Baker Mayfield baking him up. Compared to last season a huge upgrade. Toss in wideout Jarvis Laundry and Josh Gordon and you have a potent offense. Maybe the biggest improvement may come in Todd Haley the Browns new offense coordinator. He is great at his job and will make a huge difference on this offense.

Pittsburgh, of course, has Big Ben still at the helm and Antonio Brown and some very good wide receivers to throw the ball too. There will be no LeVeon Bell for the Steelers, but they still have one of the best offensive lines in football. Pittsburgh will rely on Big Ben's arm and game management in this game.

ADVANTAGE: Steelers but not by much.

On defense, the Browns are heads and shoulders above the Steelers. Cleveland has spent money and draft pics on their defense and it shows. Myles Garrett is a beast and the linebackers are some of the best in the league. Steelers, on the other hand, has many holes in there defense and Cleveland should be able to score against them.


Special teams are another area we must see improvement in the Browns. Last season they really had some issues. On the other hand, Pittsburgh special teams are usually in the Top 15 every year.

ADVANTAGE: Pittsburgh

PREDICTION: The Browns are so much better this season and look for this game to be really competitive. Pittsburgh knows they are going be in a dogfight in this one. I just think Pittsburgh being the veteran team will make just enough plays in the end to win. It will be close 31-28 Steelers.

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