Sunday, October 21, 2018

Does Latest Ohio State Debacle Cost Them A Playoff Spot?

It seems Ohio State every year travels on the road where they decide not to show up and play good college football and it leaves you scratching your head. This time it was in Purdue as the Buckeyes got pushed around all night long as Purdue dominated them 49-20. It was as bad as the score shows as the Boilermakers were not scared by the No.2 Buckeyes and there high powered offense. This loss really hurts there playoff chances, but it does not eliminate them totally.

Many college football fans think or feel the Buckeyes have no chance, but that's not reality in the college football landscape. Teams can lose a game there suppose to win and still make it. For Ohio State this year could be a tricky one for them. They can make it but will need some help because it could be real close. Here is what must happen for the Buckeyes to have a shot at the playoffs.

The first thing the Buckeyes must do is win out so they can get to the Big Ten Championship game. Purdue also must win out as well so they can avenge their one loss by playing them in the Championship game. A Norte Dame and UCF loss would help alot as well. Ohio State still has a shot and the one thing we have noticed about the committee they will give the Buckeyes a good look even with one loss.

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