Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Have We Seen The Last Of Joe Flacco As A Baltimore Raven

For the longest time, we have always know that Joe Flacco would be under center for the Baltimore Ravens. The last couple of seasons Flacco has battled injuries and this season was no exception. The Ravens needed a backup plan and that is why they drafted Lamar Jackson out of Louisville to be the backup. No one really expected Jackson to play much, but plans can always change at a moments notice. When Flacco went down Jackson was inserted into the lineup in hopes he could keep the Ravens afloat.

Jackson has done a great job and continues to do so week after week. No one expected Jackson to keep the job when Flacco was healthy again. Jackson has been on a roll lately and Coach Harbaugh had no choice but to go with the rookie. The chemistry on offense has been great and Harbaugh did not want to mess with the success Jackson has had. Where does this leave Flacco?

Joe Flacco has been a very consistent quarterback most of the time for the Ravens. Now that he is in a backup role will he be happy with it? I think he will not and could ask to be traded or release. I guess it all depends on how Joe Flacco wants to wind down his career.

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