Thursday, December 13, 2018

Is Bryce Harper Worth The Asking Price?

Bryce Harper right now is the hottest free agent with teams lining up to sign the superstar. People are talking upwards of a 400 million dollar contract. The real question is Bryce Harper worth 400 million dollars. Let's look like at why signing him could be money thrown down the drain unless you are very close to winning it all.

Teams that are really close to winning the championship covet Bryce Harper as they think he is the guy that can get them over the top. This may be true, but in reality, for 400 million dollars you could add a number of good players that may help you a lot more than Harper.

Everyone is drooling over Bryce Harper, but I think the money could be better spent then on him. He is a talented player but most teams need more than just one player. Harper's salary demand just is too high for most teams that want to rebuild for a run at the championship. No matter how good Harper is the asking price is just too high.

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