Friday, January 4, 2019

Saying Goodbye To Mean Gene Okerlund

Over the years I have been a wrestling fan off and on, but the one guy that I never forgot or missed was a guy named Mean Gene Okerlund. Was he a wrestler? Nope! Was he someone that people missed when he was not on television? Yes, he was. Then who was this guy they called Mean Gene?

Mean Gene was nothing more than an announcer and topnotch interviewer. What set him apart from the others is he was a star at what he did. In fact, many times he was more popular than the guy who he was interviewing. That is rare in this business. Many people will tell Mean Gene was one of the most genuine guys in front of the camera and also behind the scenes.

Saying goodbye to a legend is tough. Mean Gene was 76 years old, but he gave us so many great memories. Mean Gene might be gone, but his memory will live forever. Below is a clip and from it, you can gather how great of an on-camera figure he actually was. RIP Mean Gene.

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