Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Should The Steelers Consider Parting Ways With Antonio Brown?

When does the time come when no matter how good a player is you must part ways with them. The Pittsburgh Steelers might have reached that point with Antonio Brown. In recent years Brown has been a locker room problem and now this season there have been a few times where the diva has come out in Brown. Now his talent cannot be questioned at all. He is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL without a doubt, but when do problems outweigh talent.

Pittsburgh is at a crossroad with Antonio Brown and it seems a disconnect between Brown and some teammates have happened. The Steelers though have other talented receivers on the team which make it easier to get rid of Brown. On the open market, Brown should command some top talent in return. If I was the Steelers trading him is something I would consider. They can rebuild a team in many areas with the value they could get for him. Sometimes the headaches are not worth it and I think Brown was worn out his welcome in Pittsburgh.

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