Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ohio State Rolls Michigan 56-27 As They Dominate Them Again

Michigan was hoping to end the long drought against Ohio State, and for the first few minutes of the game, it looked like it was going to happen. Michigan took the ball down the field against Ohio State's top-rated defense, but after that Michigan struggled to get any consistency going. Just like year after year, it seems Michigan had no answers on defense as the Buckeyes rolled to a 56-27 win over the Wolverines. What does this loss mean for Jim Harbaugh's future in Michigan? Could this be the end for Harbaugh?
Now I will be honest I cannot see Jim Harbaugh lasting much longer in Michigan. In his defense, not too many coaches have beaten the Ohio State Buckeyes in recent years. People in Michigan want to beat the Buckeyes and losing to them every year just does not sit well. The real question is can they find a better coach than Harbaugh right now. It's tough these days to find great college football coaches who can win the games you want every year.
Give the Buckeyes credit Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins played a great game and carried the Buckeyes in this game. Dobbins ran for 211 and Fields passed for over 300 yards. Even though the Buckeyes defense was not stellar they did not need to be as Michigan could not stop the Buckeyes. The only thing really positive for Michigan was Chase Young was a non-factor all game long which surprised me.

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