Wednesday, November 20, 2019

OJ Simpson And Twitter A Match Made In The Cyber World

No matter if you like him or hate it it seems OJ Simpson is a hit in the Twitter World. When I first saw his Twitter which is @TheRealOJ32 if anyone is interested. I followed him to see what his account would be like. I will say so far it's been enjoyable to say the least. The Juice talks a lot about football and his opinion on it. He does play fantasy football and seems to watch alot of NFL football as well.

Sometimes he will get on and take questions from people about anything. This opens himself up for Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman questions, but he seems to take it well when given one. No matter what OJ has not lost his smile or charisma with all he has been through since the murders.

The amazing part is OJ Simpson followers are up to over 923,000 people which was a shock to me. He has not been on Twitter a long time but has seemed to take to it well. People seem to have taken to him as well. I guess The Juice and Twitter were made for each other.

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