Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Why The College Football Playoff Committee Doesn't Always Get It Right

Every year we see teams that get left out of the College Football Playoffs and it leaves us scratching our heads. After looking closer at the last few years I have come to a conclusion about this playoff committee. They want safe picks and not a team that could make them look bad. Let's take a closer look at what I mean.

Everyone has thought the committee is biased to SEC teams when these rankings are released. In a way that is true, but you must understand the whole story. The reason the committee loves SEC teams as they usually put on a good show and rarely get blown out in a game. The committee does not want to see another game like they did when Clemson blew the doors off the Ohio State Buckeyes. It made the committee look bad and they learned from that debacle. They want to play it safe when they choose the Final Four Teams.

As a whole, the College Football Playoff Committee does an excellent job, but every year is getting tougher. This year could be easy or tougher depending on the final two games of the season. No matter what the one thing we have gathered from the committee is safe bets are what they will do. Sticking their necks out for a pick isn't likely to happen this year either.

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