Sunday, December 15, 2019

Browns Showed They Have Given Up On Season And Freddie Kitchens

The Cleveland Browns showed how much they care about the season, and most importantly their coach Freddie Kitchens with their performance in Arizona. The Cardinals handled the Browns by a score of 38-24 and it really was not that close.

Cleveland stumbled there way through the first half with mistake after mistake. Toss in Coach Freddie Kitchens horrible play calling and you can figure out the rest. Even on defense, the Browns looked like they did not care. Kitchens is starting to rank up there with Hue Jackson as the worse coach in Browns history. In Jackson's defense, he didn't have any talent like Kitchens has right now.

The Browns cannot continue down the path they are going. Having players quit on the coach is unacceptable and Cleveland must make changes soon rather than later. The way the Browns are playing they could very well be the worse coach team in the league with overall the best talent. Who said coaching does not matter because it really does.

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