Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Freddie Kitchens Always Spinning Things To Make Him Look Better

Freddie Kitchens had his Monday Press Conference and I gotta give Freddie some credit on trying to spin the latest loss as not that bad. Too many people are dwelling on the negatives and not the positives this season. It's true the Browns could have two 1,000 yard receivers and they do have the NFL's leading rusher in Nick Chubb. See Freddie was right there are some positives, but for Kitchens, the negatives far outweigh the positives by a great distance.

The Cleveland Browns will be the only NFL football in the decade without a winning season. That means for the last 10 years Browns fans had to suffer through some horrible teams. Freddie Kitchens was brought in as the guy to run this team, but after watching them in Arizona I'm still wondering how he is still coaching this team. Cleveland was horrible in every phase of the game in Arizona. Think about this the Cardinals had the worse ranked defense in the NFL. You would think that the Browns would light up the scoreboard, but it was the Cardinals that did.
Cleveland will probably keep Freddie Kitchens another season and we could be in store for more horrible play calling and football from the Cleveland Browns. The sad part is they are one of the most talented teams in the NFL, but unless they figure it out it's just wasted talent. Hopefully, Cleveland will part ways with Freddie Kitchens and bring in a real coach that has experience.

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