Tuesday, December 10, 2019

OBJ Burning Bridges In Cleveland

OBJ came to Cleveland to show people he was not the bad guy people said he was in New York. In less then a year OBJ has started to burn bridges in Cleveland already. A report came out this weekend where he has been courting other teams to come and get him. As of right now he has not denied it and it came from a very reputable source in Jay Glazer. Cleveland gave up alot to bring him to Cleveland and right now it looks like the Browns might be forced to see what they can get for him.
Is there a market for OBJ? I am sure there is, but not as much as many people may think. The fans will now start to turn on him because he has already indicated he wants out of Cleveland. Fans in Cleveland are very loyal, but if you do not want to be there the fans don't want you on the team. I'm looking for it to get really bad as we approach the end of the season. If Cleveland falters down the stretch look for OBJ to get piled on fair or not.
I was one that thought the OBJ experiment would go well in Cleveland with his friend Jarvis Landry on the team, but it has not. Baker Mayfield and OBJ just has not been able to get on the same page. Every week it seems like OBJ disappears on offense and a talent like his should be on display every week. No matter how this end both sides will lose out on this experiment.

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