Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Will College Football Start On Time Or Even At All?

Covid19 has really thrown a monkey wrench into what the College Football season could look like this upcoming season. Some teams have had to stop off season workouts to deal with players infected with this terrible disease. Where will this leave the college football season? Will we have a season at all? These are all questions on the minds of college football fans everywhere. We will try and answer them the best we can below.

Will we have a college football season at all this year? This is a very tough question to answer. I think as long as we do not have alot of infections there is a good chance there will be a season. If infections get out of control look for the college presidents to shut it down very quickly.

Can college football make it without fans this season? The reality is most college programs rely on sports to fund many different things at a college. College football is the breadwinner for most colleges and they know they need an college football season to go on. There is a possibility there will be fans, but not to capacity to help stop the spread of covid19. Any fans is better then no fans at all in my opinion.

Most people are praying there is a college football season as it will take us away from our problems in the world today. The one thing though we need to do it in a well thought out safe way. That way we will not have any setbacks once college football is ready to go.

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