Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Can Baseball Survive Without A Bubble In Place?

When the Flordia Marlins baseball team announce all the players that have Covid19 Major League Baseball's greatest fears were realized. Right now the Marlins will be sitting out until next week sometime or when they are cleared to come back and play again. Will this be an isolated case or will we see a lot more in the coming weeks?

The reality is there will be more positive cases in the future. If there is no more I would be totally shocked, to be honest. When MLB decided not to be in a bubble they trusted their players ould do the right thing 24/7 and stay safe. The reality is that will not happen as every player does not always follow the rules. This means if we have more positive tests MLB will have to decide if they want to shut down the season or not.

In my opinion, how Major League Baseball is doing this it is doomed to fail miserably. When you put your trust into Major League players to do the right things you just asking for heartbreak. I hope I am wrong about this but do not see this ending well for Major League Baseball.

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