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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Will Jameis Winston Be A Starter In 2020?

Jameis Winston is looking for a quarterback job, but where will he finally end up. Many people including Jameis now know most likely it will be in a backup role. This is probably something he did not think he would be doing for the 2020 NFL season. Let's look at the prospects for Jameis Winston right now.

For the most part, most teams are set at starting quarterback so this really limits his chances. The Chargers are one option that he may want to look at if they have an interest. If the Chargers are not interested then Jameis has no real choice but in a backup role. Winston may not want a backup role, but then again he may not have any choice.

Winston should think about only doing a one year deal right now. A one year deal gives him the flexibility to be able to sign with another team the following year. Jameis will need to prove himself and he may be able to that in a backup role right now. The key for Winston is finding the perfect fit for him as a backup.

For Winston, this is just another challenge that he will need to face and overcome. He is very talented and this setback will only make him stronger and better for it.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Why The Buccaneers May Want To Keep Working With Jameis Winston In Off-Season

After sitting a few hours thinking about the Buccaneers and their quarterback Jameis Winston I have come to these conclusions about him as the future of the Buccaneers. Now I understand that many Buccaneer fans would love to see the Bucs cut Winston at the end of the season, and you really can't blame the Bucs if that is the direction they move in.

I mean it's tough to live with the turnovers and how it is hurting the team, but sometimes biting the bullet is best and this is a time when I would consider that. Finding a franchise quarterback is tough, but if you got a guy who you can mold into what you want keeping him is the best train of thought.

In his career, Winston has thrown 119 touchdowns and 86 interceptions which are not stellar numbers, to say the least. If the Buccaneers can somehow able to cut down his interceptions they will have a very good quarterback. Winston is a great teammate and it seems the players relate well to him. Even with all the interceptions he still is able to get his team in position to win despite his play. Giving up on Winston right now sets the Buccaneers back a number of years. That is something I don't think they want to do right now.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Browns And Buccaneers Both At Crossroads Already This Season

The Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter this Sunday at a crossroad in their respective seasons. For the Cleveland Browns after beating the Baltimore Ravens they felt they were headed in the right direction. That train got derailed last week with a drubbing at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers. Tampa Bay started at like a house of fire, but that it seems was a long time ago. The Bucs are struggling to win ball games and many issues have cropped up for them as well. Today, we will take a quick look at both teams and what their major problems happen to be right now.

Tampa Bay has one of the best offenses in the NFL ranking either one or two most weeks. The Bucs can score points and a lot of them. One of there issues on offense is they virtually have no running game at all. This means teams know they are going to pass it to their talented core of receivers but no one seems to be able to stop it. You would think they would be at the top of there division because of it, but they are not. Tampa Bay has one of the worse defenses in the NFL. They give up huge chunks of yardage and points. This usually puts all the pressure on the offense to outscore their opponents. In today's NFL that just is not possible.

The Cleveland Browns have issues as well and are at a crossroad as well. After the drubbing by the Chargers, many things are starting to come out about this young Browns team. Words such as fragile and not on the same page are being heard. Injuries are also playing a role as well. Players like Jarvis Landry hasn't produced the numbers the Browns had hoped for to this point. Trading away Josh Gordon was probably not a good move considering the Browns injuries as wide receiver. This is a young team and when you start to lose finger pointing starts to come out. Baker Mayfield is not use to losing and that is why this week in Tampa is so important to both teams.

Tampa Bay and Cleveland both are at crossroads and which team will do enough to win this game. The losing team could find their season spiraling out of control. This is why both teams understand this is a must win this Sunday. The question is who will want it more Tampa Bay or Cleveland.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Can Jameis Winston Improve In Game 2

Jameis Winston did not look very good in his debut and it has many people wondering  if he will be an NFL quarterback. What many people tend to forget it is pre-season and it takes some time for a player to get use to the game. No matter how good you are the game is much different then the college game. In college you may only see a few exceptional players on a team. The NFL has them at every position which makes it a lot tougher.

Ball security is something Winston must always  keep in mind. If you are struggling just do not turn the ball over. When you do you will find a quick exit out of this league. Players who make mistakes are cut because teams know there is always someone waiting in the wings to take there place.

I personally  like Winston and what he can do for a team. If people give Winston time he should become a good NFL quarterback. In Tampa he has some very good receivers and coaches. His players believe in him and that is usually half the battle. Winston just needs to relax and perform better in game 2 of his career.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Jameis Winston Florida State's Only Hope For A Repeat Championship

The one thing that we can say about Jameis Winston is he is a polarizing figure, and everyone has an opinion on him. I will admit I have written many articles on him and how he was not one of my favorite players for what he has done off the field of play. Through all the issues he has had the one thing no one can deny is his ability to stay one step ahead of it on the field.

Florida State would not be undefeated if it was not for Jameis Winston and some of his exploits on the field. Yes, at times he has hurt his football team, but most of the time he always finds a way to bring them back from defeat. That is the mark of a true champion. Bringing your team back when your not playing your best is critical to your success. Jameis Winston has done it time and time again.

Now in little over a week Jameis Winston will face his toughest test yet the Oregon Ducks. His team will need to travel cross country and play a quality opponent and their hostile crowd. Many people feel this will end the streak for Florida State, but I think we will see the opposite happen. It seems when Florida State has there backs against the wall they play better. Jameis Winston is the key to winning this game. If they want to beat the Ducks it will be Jameis Winston leading them once again.


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