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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ohio State Rolls Michigan 56-27 As They Dominate Them Again

Michigan was hoping to end the long drought against Ohio State, and for the first few minutes of the game, it looked like it was going to happen. Michigan took the ball down the field against Ohio State's top-rated defense, but after that Michigan struggled to get any consistency going. Just like year after year, it seems Michigan had no answers on defense as the Buckeyes rolled to a 56-27 win over the Wolverines. What does this loss mean for Jim Harbaugh's future in Michigan? Could this be the end for Harbaugh?
Now I will be honest I cannot see Jim Harbaugh lasting much longer in Michigan. In his defense, not too many coaches have beaten the Ohio State Buckeyes in recent years. People in Michigan want to beat the Buckeyes and losing to them every year just does not sit well. The real question is can they find a better coach than Harbaugh right now. It's tough these days to find great college football coaches who can win the games you want every year.
Give the Buckeyes credit Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins played a great game and carried the Buckeyes in this game. Dobbins ran for 211 and Fields passed for over 300 yards. Even though the Buckeyes defense was not stellar they did not need to be as Michigan could not stop the Buckeyes. The only thing really positive for Michigan was Chase Young was a non-factor all game long which surprised me.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Can Michigan Finally Beat The Ohio State Buckeyes?

Michigan in recent years, has not had much luck in beating Urban Meyer, but for them, Meyer is retired, but that does not mean it will be any easier. Ryan Day has the Buckeyes playing extremely well and a No.1 ranking in the College Football Playoff rankings. Michigan and Jim Harbaugh feel this is the year they can do it but is that really realistic?

Ohio State will be playing for another Big Ten Championship while Michigan can only play the spoiler role. Maybe that's what Michigan needs to play a spoiler role for once. It seems when they play any other role the Buckeyes tend to roll over them. Michigan has a chance to be a spoiler and it is a role that coach Jim Harbaugh probably has used as motivation this week.

Michigan also has something else going for them as well. Early on Michigan struggled on both sides of the ball, but that is not the case anymore. Shea Patterson has the offense playing well and the defense has also come around as a unit. Michigan rolls into the game playing very well and has something to prove to everyone in the country.

Jim Harbaugh knows this could be his last stand In Michigan and I expect him to pull out all the stops to win this game. For the Wolverines its a win or bust this year. They know they can spoil the Buckeyes playoff chances and they will do whatever it takes to stick it to the Buckeyes.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Villanova vs Michigan Could Be A Game For The Ages

Villanova vs Michigan could be one of the games for the ages as the Wildcats and Wolverines could produce an instant classic.  The Wildcats bring one of the top offenses into the contest and a very talented squad as well. When Villanova is playing well I do not think too many people can play with them. If you do not believe me just ask the Kansas Jayhawks who could not slow them down at all.

Michigan, on the other hand, is a well-rounded team. They have the ability to score, but most of all playing great defense is their hallmark. This game should be interesting as a high powered offense will collide with a stingy defense. Many people have their favorites and I do as well. I personally would love to see Michigan win as they have been on a roll. From the Big Ten Championship to a possible NCAA championship this could be a magical season for the Wolverines.

No matter how much I like Michigan I cannot go against. Villanova. They have too much firepower and even though I see a close game I love the Wildcats in this game. For most of the season, they have been the best and Monday night they should be crowned NCAA Men's Champions.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Michigan Wolverines Have A Tough Road To College Football Playoffs

Jim Harbaugh was brought to Michigan to win the Big Ten and a National Championship, but neither has happen just yet. The Wolverines have been very competitive, but no championships just yet. This season's schedule could make that dream even more elusive this season. Michigan lost alot of players on defense and that could spell doom for the Wolverines. Let's look at the schedule for Michigan.

They open up with Florida at AT&T Stadium that will not be an easy game. The third game of the season will be Air Force which is never easy or dealing with their offense. Add in at Penn State and back to back games at Wisconsin and home to Ohio State makes this a tough schedule. Unless the defense comes around quickly, getting to the College Football Playoffs could be tough for the Wolverines.

Sep. 2
GatorsFlorida Gators 
AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Sep. 9
BearcatsCincinnati Bearcats 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Sep. 16
FalconsAir Force Falcons 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Sep. 23
Boilermakersat Purdue Boilermakers 
Ross-Ade Stadium, West Lafayette, IN

Sep. 30
Oct. 7
SpartansMichigan State Spartans 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Oct. 14
Hoosiersat Indiana Hoosiers 
Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN

Oct. 21
Nittany Lionsat Penn State Nittany Lions 
Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA

Oct. 28
Scarlet KnightsRutgers Scarlet Knights (HC)
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Nov. 4
GophersMinnesota Golden Gophers 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Nov. 11
Terrapinsat Maryland Terrapins 
Maryland Stadium, College Park, MD

Nov. 18
Badgersat Wisconsin Badgers 
Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI

Nov. 25
BuckeyesOhio State Buckeyes 
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

Dec. 2
Big TenBig Ten Championship Game
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

Monday, November 14, 2016

Could Penn State Get Screwed By The College Football Playoff System?

Just a few weeks back nobody was talking about Penn State Football program, but now that has taken a 360 degree turn. The Nittany Lions upset the Ohio State Buckeyes and everything has changed for this program. Penn State has slowly moved up the rankings and could find themselves in the Big Ten Championship game, but will that be enough for the College Football Playoff Committee.

This could get very confusing and upsetting for Penn State fans before its all over. In the scenario that Ohio State wins there last two games just like Penn State must do the Nittany Lions win the tiebreaker. By beating the Buckeyes they would go to the Big Ten Championship game. Seems pretty simple doesn't it, but this is College Football and it is not that simple. We are talking about politics and that could put the Nittany Lions on the outside looking in. Let's look closer at this and how Penn State might be left out.

The College Football Playoff committee has said it values winning your conference championship, but even if Penn State does there record won't be as good as the Buckeyes. Ohio State will have wins over Wisconsin, Michigan, and Oklahoma on their resume. This means even though Penn State beat the Buckeyes they could find themselves not in the playoff format. Is this fair? Of course not, but we are talking about college football and sometimes the committee see's something everyone else does not.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Michigan Could Be The Best Team In College Football

After watching Michigan play Rutgers you just have to shake your head. Yes, I will be the first to admit Rutgers is not a very good football team, and was over matched. The one thing I did take away from the game is Michigan could very well be the best team in College Football. Many people besides me are in the same kind of thinking. How good is Michigan really?

Well the one thing that makes Michigan so good is the defense. When you have a defense as good as Michigan you will be in most every game you play. This makes it so much easier on the offense and planning for games. Michigan is only giving up a little over 10 points a game. For the offense all they need to do is get two touchdowns and more times then not they will be winners. It makes it much easier for the offensive coaches as well.

No matter what anyone tells you defense wins championships and Michigan has a championship caliber defense. As long as the defense continues to play well Michigan will be a tough team to handle. The showdown with Ohio State could be the only test Michigan has this season until the playoffs roll around.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Michigan Can Still Make A Big Impact In College Football

Many things have been written about the tough gut wrenching loss to Michigan State so I won't rehash what everyone already knows about the loss. Michigan in the big picture still has a lot to play for this season. No one thought they would be as good as they are this season. Michigan could still find themselves in the Big Ten Championship game with a little luck and if they win out. You never know what could happen in this crazy college football season so far.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The loss could actually help Michigan by giving them even more incentive to win out this season. Michigan played well except for the final play that no one will ever forget anytime soon. Michigan was everything advertised and Jim Harbaugh has them playing well and all is not lost for Michigan and their fans this season. They could still possibly give Ohio State there first loss of the season at the BIG HOUSE! Michigan just needs to stay focused and play well rest of the season.
Jim Harbaugh will keep them playing well and there will won't be a let down anytime soon. Yes, it was a tough loss, but they will be back and ready to go when they play again. Michigan football is back and that is not a good thing for teams they play with Jim Harbaugh at the helm.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One Game Does Not Make A Season For Any College Football Team

The college football  season has started and already people have certain teams playing for a National Championship. People need to take a chill pill it is only game one of the season. Ohio State fans have there team as back to back champions after the first game. Nice try but it does not work that way at all. As you go through the season you will have injuries and adversity to play through to get to another National Championship.

Most teams going through some rough stretches, but by the time we reach the end of the season it all shapes up. Winning back to back titles is a tall order no matter how talented you happen to be. Yes, Ohio State is loaded but sometimes the best team doesnt always win it all.

College Football fns are rapid about there support and sometimes that can be a good thing, but sometimes they go a little to far. Early in the season the hype is there, but remember it is a very long college football season. Let's hope this is one of the best ever.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tom Brady One Special Quarterback

Tom Brady was drafted and not a lot was expected from him. He sure have proved the experts wrong coming out of Michigan. Brady has developed into one of the best quarterbacks ever. He continues to impress people with his ability to win games in the clutch.

One of the most amazing things about Brady to me is his ability to make the players around him better. In recent years, he has not had the best set of wide receivers to throw from. Yes, he has had one or two good ones, but for the most part no household names except Welker recently. Brady still finds ways to win ball games and that is the mark of greatest. 

Love him or hate him you must give Tom Brady his due he is a winner. When it comes to clutch players he is one of the best in the game and one of the best ever. No one would have guessed this when he came out of Michigan in college. You just never know where your next superstar will come from.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Michigan vs Louisville Who Do You Got Winning

Now that we have the College Basketball National Championship set between Louisville and Michigan lets look at a few things first. How many people thought these would be the two teams we would see at the end? I can almost bet not many people thought these would be the teams we would be talking about. I know I would not have guessed these two would make it all the way to the end. Lets look at both teams and how this one stacks up.

Michigan loves to shoot the three ball and at times that hurts them, but not very often. Against the Orangemen they showed they can win even when the three ball does not fall for them. They will need to have another good game from all angles if they want to upset the Louisville Cardinals. Michigan can be crowned champions, but I think they will need to shoot better.

For Louisville they also struggled at times against Wichita State, but when they needed to pull through they did. Louisville needs to play better especially defensively if they want to be Michigan. The Kevin Ware factor will be in full force on Monday Night. With that said I do like the Cardinals to become National Champions of the college basketball world.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Final Four Predictions Who Will Win

Now here at Sports blogging Network we get many requests to make predictions on games and sometimes we do and sometimes we do not. Today, I will give you my opinion on the two games in the Final Four. Louisville vs Wichita State should be a very shocking game to say the least. The Shockers shocked everyone to make into the Final Four. They are a very good basketball team and that is why they are here. I think the journey ends here as I love for Louisville to beat them by 10-15 points. Louisville will use a wave of emotion to take control of the game and ride it into the Championship game. Take Louisville and out should be fine. The second pits Syracuse against Michigan. Now for me Michigan is a team I did not expect to be here. The one problem with Michigan is when you live by the three point shot eventually you will die by it. Against the swarming defense of Syracuse I think that is what will happen. I really like the Orange men in this game by about five points. It should be a good a me though and one you will not want to miss. We have Syracuse and Louisville in the Championship game.The winner will be announced Monday on the premise we got these two game correct. We all know how unpredictable college basketball can be sometimes.