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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ohio State Rolls Michigan 56-27 As They Dominate Them Again

Michigan was hoping to end the long drought against Ohio State, and for the first few minutes of the game, it looked like it was going to happen. Michigan took the ball down the field against Ohio State's top-rated defense, but after that Michigan struggled to get any consistency going. Just like year after year, it seems Michigan had no answers on defense as the Buckeyes rolled to a 56-27 win over the Wolverines. What does this loss mean for Jim Harbaugh's future in Michigan? Could this be the end for Harbaugh?
Now I will be honest I cannot see Jim Harbaugh lasting much longer in Michigan. In his defense, not too many coaches have beaten the Ohio State Buckeyes in recent years. People in Michigan want to beat the Buckeyes and losing to them every year just does not sit well. The real question is can they find a better coach than Harbaugh right now. It's tough these days to find great college football coaches who can win the games you want every year.
Give the Buckeyes credit Justin Fields and J.K. Dobbins played a great game and carried the Buckeyes in this game. Dobbins ran for 211 and Fields passed for over 300 yards. Even though the Buckeyes defense was not stellar they did not need to be as Michigan could not stop the Buckeyes. The only thing really positive for Michigan was Chase Young was a non-factor all game long which surprised me.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Can Michigan Finally Beat The Ohio State Buckeyes?

Michigan in recent years, has not had much luck in beating Urban Meyer, but for them, Meyer is retired, but that does not mean it will be any easier. Ryan Day has the Buckeyes playing extremely well and a No.1 ranking in the College Football Playoff rankings. Michigan and Jim Harbaugh feel this is the year they can do it but is that really realistic?

Ohio State will be playing for another Big Ten Championship while Michigan can only play the spoiler role. Maybe that's what Michigan needs to play a spoiler role for once. It seems when they play any other role the Buckeyes tend to roll over them. Michigan has a chance to be a spoiler and it is a role that coach Jim Harbaugh probably has used as motivation this week.

Michigan also has something else going for them as well. Early on Michigan struggled on both sides of the ball, but that is not the case anymore. Shea Patterson has the offense playing well and the defense has also come around as a unit. Michigan rolls into the game playing very well and has something to prove to everyone in the country.

Jim Harbaugh knows this could be his last stand In Michigan and I expect him to pull out all the stops to win this game. For the Wolverines its a win or bust this year. They know they can spoil the Buckeyes playoff chances and they will do whatever it takes to stick it to the Buckeyes.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Why The College Football Playoff Committee Doesn't Always Get It Right

Every year we see teams that get left out of the College Football Playoffs and it leaves us scratching our heads. After looking closer at the last few years I have come to a conclusion about this playoff committee. They want safe picks and not a team that could make them look bad. Let's take a closer look at what I mean.

Everyone has thought the committee is biased to SEC teams when these rankings are released. In a way that is true, but you must understand the whole story. The reason the committee loves SEC teams as they usually put on a good show and rarely get blown out in a game. The committee does not want to see another game like they did when Clemson blew the doors off the Ohio State Buckeyes. It made the committee look bad and they learned from that debacle. They want to play it safe when they choose the Final Four Teams.

As a whole, the College Football Playoff Committee does an excellent job, but every year is getting tougher. This year could be easy or tougher depending on the final two games of the season. No matter what the one thing we have gathered from the committee is safe bets are what they will do. Sticking their necks out for a pick isn't likely to happen this year either.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Can Michigan State Keep It Close Against Buckeyes?

The Michigan State Spartans have won three of the last eight meetings between these two teams, but will that help them this time around. The Buckeyes are favorite by 20 and that could increase before kickoff. Ohio State could very well be the most complete college football team this year. They have destroyed everyone that has been in their way. Does Sparty even have a chance against this Buckeye juggernaut?

Mark Dantonio is a coach who seems to get the most out of his players in this game. He will need to devise a game plan to keep the Buckeye's powerful offense off the field as much as possible. Even if he does that Ohio State has a great defense as well Dantonio will also have to deal with. No matter how you look at it this could be an uphill struggle all game for the Spartans.

I do like Ohio State in this game, but I think it will be a lot closer then many people think it will be. Dantonio is a miracle worker when the odds are stacked against him. He has the knack to get his players to play their best game when it is needed. If Sparty can get a few breaks you never know what could happen. I do like the Buckeyes in a close one 27-24.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

College Football Selection Committee Has Tough Call This Season

With the results, yesterday from the Conference Championship games the selection committee has a tough day ahead of itself. There are a number of teams that want in and the reality is some are going to be disappointed and mad. It'supposed to be the best four teams, but that can sometimes be a hard thing to judge. Let's look at the contenders and whose in and who may be sitting home.

Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson are all locks for the playoffs. All three teams did enough to get in and should have no issues making it to the playoffs. Now after that these teams, all make it interesting. Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UCF all have a case why they should be included.

UCF has been undefeated for over two years and will get some consideration, but in the end, for them, I think they will not make it. The strength of schedule really hurts this team. Georgia has a strong case as they only lost to Alabama and LSU the SEC Championship was a close one and they could have beaten Alabama. Ohio State won the Big Ten Championship and Oklahoma won the Big12. Both Oklahoma and Ohio State both have a loss that probably shouldn't have happened.

In the end, you want the four best teams and out of the remaining ones, it's easy to see Georgia is the best team. I look for Georgia even with two losses to make it in even though they did not win their conference. If Georgia does not make it look for Oklahoma to sneak in. No matter who makes it some teams will be crying foul once again.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Urban Meyer And Ohio State Did Everything Wrong In This Case

Urban Meyer and the Ohio State University had a perfect chance to make a stand against domestic violence and they fumbled it all away. Yes, Urban Meyer and Gene Smith got suspended by the University, but they could have done a lot more which is a shame. Courtney Smith had to get little comfort in all of this as she got drugged through it all. Meyer gave a lame apology after the media railroaded him about it. If the media didn't step in she may never see an apology from Urban Meyer which is a shame.

Zach Smith who has been accused of domestic violence but not charged got with a lot if you read the information that has been released. Meyer did warn him on several occasions about his behavior but did not remove him until information was released about him. When that happened Meyer got rid of him. No matter how you look at it domestic violence is a serious issue and it seems neither Meyer of the University took it very seriously. Courtney Smith and her family must be shaking their heads and I can't say I blame them. This should have ended so differently, but when you talk about big-time money it should not surprise anyone of the outcome!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Does Alabama Or Ohio State Deserve A Spot In The College Football Playoffs

Alabama finds themselves on the outside looking when it comes to the College Football Playoff this season. Everyone had them penciled in until Auburn shocked college football with a win in the Iron Bowl. Now there are many scenarios where The Crimson Tide could be out of the College Football Playoffs even with just one loss. What team could be the one that unseats Alabama? None other than the Ohio State Buckeyes. Are these the same Buckeyes with two bad losses, yep the same ones.

Ohio State could make a strong case for making the playoffs with a Big Ten Championship. All the Buckeyes need to do is beat undefeated Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. The way Ohio State is playing this is a good possibility. There are no guarantees for the Buckeyes, but the committee does love Conference Champions which Ohio State would be with a win.

The perfect scenario for The Crimson Tide is an Ohio State Loss which would help their case for the College Football Playoff. If the Buckeyes win Alabama could be eliminated from the playoff after a great season. This is why we need to add more teams to this playoff format. No matter how this ends up someone will not be very happy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What Can Penn State Do To Impress The Committee?

When the rankings were announced Penn State found themselves rated 8th which is not a bad position right now. The first thing that Penn State needs is some help and the best way to get that would be Ohio State to  continue to win. This would eliminate Michigan from the playoff picture. If Michigan wins out Penn State has no chance of making the playoffs. Besides Ohio State winning they need Louisville and Washington to struggle in their remaining games. Not likely, but Penn State fans can always hope.

The other thing the Nittany Lions need is to play in the Big Ten Championship game which still is possible. A dominating performance will go a long way in swaying the committee. For Penn State there best chance is have some teams to lose and continue to win. If Ohio State loses to Michigan the Penn State Nittany Lions will just be playing in a good bowl game. They just wont be playing for a National Championship. Penn State has come a long way this season and have many things to be proud of and who knows they may make the playoffs.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Could Penn State Get Screwed By The College Football Playoff System?

Just a few weeks back nobody was talking about Penn State Football program, but now that has taken a 360 degree turn. The Nittany Lions upset the Ohio State Buckeyes and everything has changed for this program. Penn State has slowly moved up the rankings and could find themselves in the Big Ten Championship game, but will that be enough for the College Football Playoff Committee.

This could get very confusing and upsetting for Penn State fans before its all over. In the scenario that Ohio State wins there last two games just like Penn State must do the Nittany Lions win the tiebreaker. By beating the Buckeyes they would go to the Big Ten Championship game. Seems pretty simple doesn't it, but this is College Football and it is not that simple. We are talking about politics and that could put the Nittany Lions on the outside looking in. Let's look closer at this and how Penn State might be left out.

The College Football Playoff committee has said it values winning your conference championship, but even if Penn State does there record won't be as good as the Buckeyes. Ohio State will have wins over Wisconsin, Michigan, and Oklahoma on their resume. This means even though Penn State beat the Buckeyes they could find themselves not in the playoff format. Is this fair? Of course not, but we are talking about college football and sometimes the committee see's something everyone else does not.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ohio State vs Wisconsin Big Ten Championship Preview?

Wisconsin maybe the surprise of the Big Ten along with Nebraska, but Saturday Night they have a tall order in front of them. The Badgers will be hosting the Ohio State Buckeyes the No.2 team in the nation. This game could be a preview of a future Big Ten Championship game if everything falls into place for both teams. Let's take a closer look at this game and who should win it.

The Badgers have two things going for them heading into this game one is a home crowd and they are rested. Wisconsin will have a rowdy crowd to welcome the Buckeyes on Saturday Night and playing up in Wisconsin at night is not an easy thing. Many teams have seen there playoff hopes dashed in this night game. Wisconsin will also need to play ball control if they want to stay in this game. Keeping Ohio State's offense off the field will be one of the keys. Ohio State has one of the best offenses int he country and can light up the scoreboard.

Ohio State must remember to do a couple of things if they want to sneak out of Wisconsin with a valuable win. One of the first things is to not commit turnovers. If Ohio State does not protect the football they could be in for a very long night. The second thing they must do is not let the crowd noise or the aura of playing in Camp Randall Stadium effect them. If they do these things they should be fine.

Picking this game is tough, but I still like the Buckeyes in a close one 28-24. Ohio State is to good for Wisconsin right now. The skilled positions Ohio State is very good and they have an outstanding defense. I like the Buckeyes from the start of the season and so far they have proven me correct.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Ohio State Holds On To No.1 Spot But It's Slipping Away

Now I might take some heat for this statement, but after watching them against Maryland they are not the No.1 team in the nation anymore. Ohio State did win the game and take over the second half, but they struggled at times against a Maryland team that is not that great. Just step back a week and this team got shutout by Michigan.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland's quarterback played well and that had something to do with it, but the Buckeyes defense has been touted to be very good. From what I seen today I am have my reservations about that one. Ohio State played better on offense, but they need to settle on a quarterback and stick with it. Changing all the time is not really helping them.
Ohio State is a top 10 team just not no.1 anymore. The rankings should reflect that this coming week I hope. It will be interesting to see how  this all plays out, but for me Ohio State is no longer a No.1 team in college football. They are very good, but Baylor and TCU have made a case for them as well. Keeping Ohio State at No.1 when they are not playing like a No.1 team in my opinion is just wrong.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One Game Does Not Make A Season For Any College Football Team

The college football  season has started and already people have certain teams playing for a National Championship. People need to take a chill pill it is only game one of the season. Ohio State fans have there team as back to back champions after the first game. Nice try but it does not work that way at all. As you go through the season you will have injuries and adversity to play through to get to another National Championship.

Most teams going through some rough stretches, but by the time we reach the end of the season it all shapes up. Winning back to back titles is a tall order no matter how talented you happen to be. Yes, Ohio State is loaded but sometimes the best team doesnt always win it all.

College Football fns are rapid about there support and sometimes that can be a good thing, but sometimes they go a little to far. Early in the season the hype is there, but remember it is a very long college football season. Let's hope this is one of the best ever.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TCU Still Getting No Respect From Voters

Now that the college football season is officially in the books you would think TCU would finally get some respect from the voters, but they have not. Ohio State is a deserving National Champion, but TCU is still getting no respect. Out of all the teams I watch in the bowl games TCU was by far the most dominate by far. Now comes the AP vote and TCU finishes in third place behind an Oregon team that got there lunch handed to them. A two loss team finishes above TCU you got to be kidding me. Is there anything TCU can do about it?

The only saving grace for The Horned Frogs is they will be one of the favorites to win the National Title next season along with the Ohio State Buckeyes once again. TCU will have a chance to make the playoffs and make a statement against the elite in College Football. This season I do not think they got a fair shake, but sometimes that is what happens in College Football. TCU will learn from the mistakes they made and make sure it does not happen again. The 2015 College Football season should be another wild ride thats for sure.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Is Ohio State's BCS Spot Safe With A Win?

The Ohio State Buckeyes got some help when the Auburn Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. The real questiuon will be is can the Buckeyes hold onto the No.2 spot. Unless they lose they should be okay unless something unlikely happens. The SEC has a powerful voice and will lobby hrd for the Auburn Tigers if they beat Missouri in the SEC Championship game. Auburn has only one chance to unseat the Buckeyes without a loss and that would be to get a push in the polls. They would need to take the second spot in one of the polls. That might give them enough to jump the Buckeyes for the BCS spot. I just do not see Auburn changing enough minds to get it done. You never know though as we are talking about the BCS and anything ca happen. If Ohio State wins and still does not make it to the Championship game some outcry will follow.


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