Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Houston Texans NFL Preview

Next up in our 2011 NFL Preview is the Houston Texans. The Texans are a team that in my opinion have had the pieces to make it to the playoffs, but never seem to get the job done. The Texans are very good on offense and quarterback Matt Schaub is in his fifth year in Gary Kubiak's offensive system, and knows it backwards and forwards. The one problem that Schaub has is making the crucial mistakes when the Texans cannot afford it. They have plenty of weapons on offensive, but they Schaub to stop making the critical mistakes in games.

On defense the Texans struggle to stop people and with the talent they have that should not happen. In comes Wade Phillips to take over the defense. He will switch from the 4-3 to the 3-4. This will be an adjustment, but the Texans can handle it. The main reason for ther switch is the Texans have some great linebackers. The Texans have  (Mario Williams and Brian Cushing) and two second-round picks (DeMeco Ryans and Connor Barwin) that is a good core of Linebackers. The defense needs to step up their play from last season.

It seems the Texans can never have a full season on both sides of the ball. One year the defense will be great than it will be the offense. The Texans will score points, and with Wade Phillips to run the defense they may surprise a few people. I really like what the Texans have on both sides of the ball, but the bottom line they still must perform. Until they do that they will never be the team they can be. This could be the year they make the playoffs, but it will need to be a team effort not just one side of the equation.

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