Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is It Time To Pay Prince Fielder?

Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers is having another very good season, and one way or another it looks like someone will give him a big fat contract. My question is he worth a big fat contract. He does have many things going in his favor. He is only 27 years old and in seven seasons has hit over 200 home runs already. Prince is a good RBI man and a decent fielder as well. He has cut down on his strikeouts this season and he always walks a lot which you like to see.

All those things mentioned above seems to qualify him for a big fat contract in many GM's eyes. Being a Brewers fan I do love Prince Fielder a lot, but he is not worth the kind of money that he will be asking in the off-season. Now if he wants a less than the 150-180 million that has been thrown around then he would be a good pickup for a team.

The truth is Prince has one big drawback which makes me not want him long-term, and that is his struggles against top competition. This season Fielder has had chances to deliver in the clutch or make a statement against someone and he has not. Ryan Braun time after time this season has and that is why he got a long term deal from the Brewers. Stats are great Prince, but you need a guy to deliver in the clutch all the time and you have not proven that just yet.

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