Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nebraska Cornhuskers Loaded And Ready For Big Ten

Big Ten play will begin in a little while and Nebraska cannot wait to tackle their tough schedule.When I heard that Nebraska Cornhuskers were heading into the Big Ten many different things went through my thought process. I was thinking are they crazy, but after thinking through everything Tom Osborne made a great move that will benefit the school and the football program. In the Big 12 Nebraska was not talked about like they had been in the past. This gives them a chance to be the big dog on campus once again. Many people do not think it will happen, but here is why it will and fairly quickly.

One of the biggest advantages the Cornhuskers will have is now a chance to recruit from a wider base of players than ever before. Nebraska has always been able to recruit, but joining the Big Ten will help them even more. Not that they really needed any help to begin with.

The Big 12 plays a pro style fast pace game and to be honest Nebraska does not have those kinds of athletes. They rather play smash mouth football and the Big 12 was getting away from that and they knew this, so they made a move at the right time. The Big Ten on the other hand does have some pro style offenses, but for the most part they are run first pass second just like Nebraska likes it. They probably know how to play that style of football better than anyone.

Going into the Big Ten is a natural progression as they will be able to do what they love best and that is to run, run, and run some more. They do not have to worry about too many teams scoring tons of points as the Big Ten offenses are not as complex, as you see in the Big 12. This was a perfect chance for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Tom Osborne knew it. Will it be a cake walk for the Huskers? By no means, but they are on a more level playing field, and they get to run the type of offense Husker fans have seen for years. It will be a learning curve for the first year, but after that watch out!

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