Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boise State And Kellen Moore Roll Over Toledo 40-15

The one thing you can say about Boise State and their quarterback Kellen Moore they are very consistent. Last night, a upstart Toledo team was hoping for an upset, but Kellen More quickly dashed any hopes that was going to happen Friday Night. Moore threw for 455 yards and 5 touchdowns connecting on 32 of 42 passes help stop Toledo by a score of 40-15. The running game was not going well so Boise State took to the air and Moore did another fine job like he always done.

Moore will be in the Heisman Trophy running again this year and well deserved. His record as quarterback of Boise State has been just amazing. It's a shame that Boise State and Moore does not get more credit for what they have accomplished the last few years. I guess that's how it is in college football. Maybe the ultimate level of respect Boise State has gained is not a lot of teams want to schedule them anymore. This could be the year Boise State makes the National Championship you never know.

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