Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is It Time For Ozzie To Go In Chicago?

The Chicago White Sox continue there free fall and many people are wondering if the players have tuned out Ozzie Guillen. Is it time for Ozzie to go? Many people seem to think so and it is interesting that you have not heard any players step up to defend their manager much in the media. The White Sox have been getting beaten badly at times and that never bodes well for the manager.

Ozzie Guillen has been a very good manager for the White Sox, but maybe a change is needed. Sometimes players start to tune out a manager and that is what I think is happening to Ozzie. His players have grown tired of his antics and do not listen to him much anymore. The White Sox are talented and should be playing better baseball then they are right now.

This could be the last time we see Ozzie in a Chicago White Sox uniform as I expect him to be fired at season's end. I do not see how you can keep a guy where the players do not seem to perform well for him. Even when a team is losing they play hard, and at times you do not see that from the White Sox. A sad end it looks like for a guy who loves to manage the Chicago White Sox.

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