Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Time To Make Changes In Miami As Dolphins Continue To Slide

The Miami Dolphins continue to struggle and making changes is something that they should consider right now. Coach Tony Sparano in my opinion is the first person that needs to be shown the door. Sparano has not been able to get the job done. I do not know if the talent level is just not good enough, but making a change at coach is the first step the Dolphins need to make.

Chad Henne has not played that bad at quarterback this season. His numbers are not bad except his high number of sacks worry me. I think keeping him at quarterback for a few more weeks is a good idea. He needs others around to help him make plays if the Dolphins want to win. Reggie Bush who was signed by the Dolphins actually has less rushing yards than Chad Henne. How can you win with a stat like that.

The defense has also been a big disappointment as well. Giving up huge chunks of yardage in crucial situations have really hurt the Dolphins. This maybe a season that the Dolphins need to find out who wants to play football and who just wants to collect a paycheck. If this is going to be a lost season than make the changes now so 2012 will be one Dolphin fans can be proud of.

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