Friday, September 16, 2011

The NBA Better Settle This Lockout Soon Or I Will Go Crazy

The NBA and their lockout are really getting on my last nerve and they are pissing me off. As a blogger, I always look forward to the off-season, trades, and player movement. What have I gotten this off-season is jerked around and I am not happy about it. The NBA season must commence on time or as a blogger, I will miss out on so much.

I will not be able see Lebron James and Dwayne Wade in press conferences complaining how everyone hates them. How the world is a better place every time the Heat loses. Okay Wade and James I will admit it I really am not fond of either one of you. With a lockout though how can I write about all your screw-ups. Then we have Shaq who has retired and has teamed-up with Charles Barkley to do color commentary on games. Now that is something that is must-see television.

Another thing I will miss is all the NBA players and meltdowns they have during the season. Ron Artest has changed his name to whatever, and how about all those fantastic finishes I will miss because of the NBA lockout. Okay David Stern I am putting this at your lap. I expect you to do something about it. I know you got the refs signed to a deal, but without players, refs are no good to you.

Because I like you David Stern I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but right now, the NBA is pissing me off. Are you going to force me to watch NHL hockey this season and write about it as well. It seems that way Mr. Stern. Get a deal done, as I am tired of being pissed off at the NBA.

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