Friday, September 16, 2011

Tim Tebow Making Smart Decisions Even From The Bench

I know my readers love Tim Tebow, so I could not resist writing about his latest exploits
Okay I will admit it I am no Tim Tebow fan and I have been one of his most vocal critics, but this post is to defend Tim Tebow for once. I know this maybe the only time you see me defend Tim Tebow, so enjoy it for what it's worth. Kyle Orton is struggling at quarterback and the fans want Tim Tebow, which is something that can be expected. The fans love Tebow and it is understandable that they want to see their guy.

The fans had planned to buy billboard space and lobbying for Tim Tebow to be the quarterback. Now Tebow stepped in and said he would rather have the fans donate the money to charity instead, which was a great move on Tebow. I never said Tebow was dumb just do not think he is an NFL quarterback that’s all. Tim Tebow told his fans he will wait his turn and when given an opportunity he will take advantage of it.

Tim Tebow is saying all the right things and making the right decisions right now. For that, I must commend Tim Tebow, so for now I will not get on his back as much. Unless he starts playing then I can give my opinion of his play. Having a quarterback controversy is not good for a football team and it was great to see Tebow squash it right away. Now he can go back to holding the clipboard for the time being.

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