Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is It Time The Cowboys Think About Replacing Tony Romo?

The Dallas Cowboys and their fans have to be scratching their heads once again as Tony Romo let them down again. After building a huge lead against the undefeated Detroit Lions Tony Romo started giving the Lions free gifts in the form of interceptions that were turned into touchdowns. It seems Tony Romo has made it an art in losing games for the Cowboys the last few years. Is it time Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys think about replacing Tony Romo?

Tony Romo has proven to put up great numbers, but is he the guy that can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. The way it looks right now he just cannot handle the pressure when it really counts. How many more losses will take before Jerry Jones has seriously consider making a move. Yes, Romo has proven he can win games, but he has not proven he can take the next step.

Until Romo can start finishing games Jerry Jones may want to start looking for other options. Yes, Cowboys fans deserve better and not knowing when Romo will meltdown is never a good thing. Unless Romo, starts finishing games it is time for Jerry Jones to make some changes in the future.

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