Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Untitled Jersey City Project This Is Going To Be Good

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Online there are many different concepts that you find that are unique and different. I have come across one called Untitled Jersey City Project, and it is quite different from anything I have seen in a long time.  With FX on board Untitled Jersey City Project takes place in the fast-developing Jersey City Waterfront across from Manhattan. With this new city being built you know many things never change and that includes how things are done. The story is fast paced and ever developing which is something that you will like about this series.

This series has eight short-form episodes that are part of a larger story, with many of the story threads unresolved. This lets the viewer draw his or her own conclusions how it will end up. It makes for a very interesting series with a lot of twist and turns as far as the plot goes. Below is a video with Frank and Jane in a car chase, and they do not even know who the driver maybe. Can you guess who is chasing them? I told you many threads go unresolved, as you will see.

What did you think after watching the video. Put your comments and feedback below. I know I have watched the episodes at and I am more interested then ever to see how this will all play out for the characters. The actors and actresses are great along with the storyline and concept. I like the way it has been presented and I know I will not missed an episodes in the future. Tell me your perception after checking the clip above and the other episodes. I am interested in hearing from my readers and their opinion about this series. Right now, it looks like it has some great promise. (1 page)

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