Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baltimore Ravens Show Why They Can't Be Trusted Once Again

After the Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers you would think that they were ready to climb to elite status in the American Football Conference. Guess Again? The Ravens decided to lay another egg this time in the form of letting the lowly Seattle Seahawks beat them. Turnovers and poor execution did the Ravens in and now how can anyone really consider them in the upper class of the AFC. I am beginning to wonder if they can beat a good team when the playoffs roll around.

If you are an elite team you just cannot lose to teams you should easily beat. The Ravens have not learned that lesson and it could come back to haunt them. One week they look like Super Bowl contenders the next week they cannot beat a team that is horrible at best. I guess the Ravens think that just beating the good teams is all they must do. It just does not work that way and the sooner they learn it the better off they will be.

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