Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Could This Be The End For Joe Paterno?

According to various media outlets the University of Penn State is looking for an exit plan for Joe Paterno to leave the school. This in my opinion is totally unfair the Joe Paterno. What has his crime been? He reported the allegations when he was alerted about them. He did what was asked of him. Now for him to be ushered out because he did not do more is stupid.

This has been a three year investigation and Paterno has cooperated with the investigation. The funny about the whole story is Paterno did what he was suppose to and now that is not good enough. Yes, it is a shame what has happen to the kids, and what they went through. You cannot expect a college football coach to follow all his coaches around to make sure they do the right things. He cannot be expected to follow his players around either to make sure they stay out of trouble.

To taint Joe Paterno's legacy because he did nothing wrong is wrong in it's own right. Pushing him out the door for doing what he was suppose to do is wrong. I guess we just do not do the right things anymore when it comes to people who do things that right way. That is a shame as Joe Paterno deserved much better treatment.

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