Monday, November 7, 2011

Kyle Busch Fined And Put On Probation For Antics In Texas

Kyle Busch is young and it looks like it will take him some time for him to learn how to do things the right way. After parking Busch for the weekend at Texas Nascar came down on him even more. Busch got fined 50,000 dollars and was put on probation for the rest of the season. If Busch has another incident he could face an indefinite suspension from Nascar. Now after all of these punishments you would think that is all for Busch, but it may not be.

Joe Gibbs Racing and M&M's the car sponsor has not said what they may add to the punishment if they do at all. No matter what this has been costly for Busch and hopefully he will learn from this all. Busch is a young man who loses his cool to easily. He needs to learn to think before he acts, so he does not get in so much trouble. He is one of the most talented drivers in Nascar, but that will do him no good if he is suspended.

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